About Us

The name 'Gyan Vigyan Educare' is in itself self-explanatory. Providing various means of enhancing knowledge through books, computer hardware and software, mathematical kits, science equipment, health equipment, educational charts and CDs it has carved a niche in the field of education.

The progress of education in Bihar prompted 'Gyan Vigyan Educare', to take the initiative in providing sound infrastructure for all round development of education. Considering health a basic need for holistic achievement 'Gyan Vigyan Educare' has made a foray in providing health equipment.

Since its inception 'Gyan Vigyan Educare's main aim has been to promote complete physical health by providing complete gym equipment. In order to fulfill this aim, it has provided till date multi-gym equipment in several middle and high schools and colleges in many districts of Bihar. Thus enabling several boys and girls to enjoy good health and fitness. Encouraged by its success in Bihar, the organization plans to extend its activities in Jarkhand.

Primarily 'Gyan Vigyan Educare' supplies sports items. Fitness and health related equipment. 'Gyan Vigyan Educare' is the recipient of ISO 9001:2008, in appreciation of the excellent quality of its equipment.

Besides this we are authorized dealers of SPARTAN SPORTS and NOVA FIT SPORTS' brands. Authorisation letters of these companies are enclosed. In order to reach everyone, Gyan Vigyan Educare provides all fitness and educational material at low cost to the boys and girls of the country. Enabling one to remain physically and mentally fit, it is contributing to a better future of the country.

Special Products

The position requires good judgment, a demonstrated educational approach to interpersonal and group conflict resolution, initiative, common sense, and the ability to work within, prioritize and complete multiple tasks.

Hardware are the tangible parts of a computer like the keyboards, printers, disk drives and the monitor among others. Software is the intangible part of the computer that provides instructions for the hardware.

In most cases we include price, condition, publication date, and edition within descriptions for books. We may also include ISBN, cover art, specific details on the book's publisher, and a synopsis.

They can be used to develop the various different elements of strength such as maximal strength, hypertrophy or muscle mass, explosive power and strength endurance.